Adrien Berne Dressage


We do not train a horse, we educate him …



I work your horses to prepare them with the aim of them going into competition. I am used to preparing and to presenting horses of all levels during competitions.

Your horse will go out 6 days per week, the work is made according to the level of the animal, while respecting the stages of its progress. I try hard as much as possible to make it so that he can assimilate the work as a game, so that he can surpass himself and give the best of himself.

The stable manages all the logistics of the competitions: the transport of your horses, the competition entries, the reservation of stables, and the nutrition.



Work and maintenance of the horse

The owners who cannot come to ride their horse every day, for lack of time, have the possibility of entrusting me the work of their horse, either for maintenance, or to develop him. You can take pleasure to come and notice its progress and can take advantage of him to be quiet in his work or to ready to compete.



The re-education of the diffcult horse

The owners who meet punctual or long-lasting difficulties with their horse, can send him to me for re-education.

By my understanding, my listening, the reliable climate which I establish between the rider and horse, I would work your horse to transform its reluctances into understanding of the work. Indeed the reluctance is often due to a mis communication between horse and rider. I am at your disposition to give the correct methods and therefore help bring confidence and complience to your mount.



The importance of this work is often underestimated by the owners. The breaking-in consists not only of the acceptance of the rider by the young mount; he also has to inculcate himself a base of solid work, involving confidence, discipline and looseness.         

We do not break in we educate. Simple rules and fine aids which stay consistent will allow the young horse to evolve in complete security, to avoid any confusion in its learning. The outdoor rides will confront him with the obstacles of the everyday life and will make him less shy.

The sessions are regular but short to maintain his concentration, the desire to learn and to work.


Valorisation of horses of breeding

The image given by the performance of a horse during a competition, show, etc. is very important. Indeed, it can strengthen the reputation of a stud better the valuation of its products. Besides the intrinsic value of your horse, it is essential not to underestimate the work to be realized. It is necessary that during its presentation, the horse gives at his best and puts forward his highest qualities.

I put my knowledge and my understanding at your service. By a well-kept and rigorous presentation, I shall improve the image of your horse allowing to increase the interest in your products.